Available hardware

Development board

Pynq board Every team will be provided with a Pynq (Pynq™ board) to create its own prototype application. The Pynq (Pynq™ Board) is a feature-rich, ready-to-use, entry-level embedded software and digital circuit development platform built around Xilinx Z-7020 chip from Zynq-7000 family. The Z-7020 is based on the Xilinx® All Programmable System-on-Chip (AP SoC) architecture, which tightly integrates a dual-core ARM Cortex-A9 processor with Xilinx 7-series field programmable gate array (FPGA) logic. For more information on the board and its features, visit the Xilinx website.

Sensors and devices (to be updated)

Other than the Pynq, each team will have the possibility to work with at least one sensor to build its application, in addition to a WiFi dongle. Sensors will be distributed in a round robin fashion to the teams. Refer to the following table for a list of the available sensors and checkout the technical data by clicking on the sensor's name.

The code here is just a proof of concept, since it targets a board different from Pynq. Nonetheless, the working flow is the same also for Pynq board.

Sensor / device Brand Quantity available
Pixy CMUCam5 CMU 1
ADC AD2   Diligent 10
DAC DA4   Diligent 3
Ambient light ALS   Diligent 3
Temperature TMP2   Diligent 2
Light sensor   Grove 6
Digital light sensor   Grove 5
Gas O2 sensor   Grove 1
Loudness sensor   Grove 4
Temperature & Humidity (DHT) Grove 5
Temperature & Humidity (Mini)   Grove 5
IMU 10DOF   Grove 15
EMG detector   Grove 2
GSR sensor   Grove 5
Ear-clip heart rate sensor   Grove 2
Finger-clip heart rate sensor   Grove 2
I2C color sensor   Grove 2
I2C ADC   Grove 5
C270 Webcam   Logitech 1
Haptic motor   Grove 4
Haptic driver Adafruit 4
Vibrating motor disc Adafruit 4
Grove-Pmod Stickit 5
Gas CO2 SprintIR 1
Electrodes pack x10 4